Photographer 4 - Blender Add-on

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This add-on for Blender 2.8x, 2.9x and 3.x adds new Physical Camera, Physical Light settings and Mixer interfaces for Lights, Emissive materials and Worlds for EEVEE, Cycles and LuxCore 2.5.

IMPORTANT: Photographer 4 development ended and will only receive compatibility fixes until the end of the year.
Photographer 5 is now available. Photographer 4 is included with Photographer 5.

Photographer 4 exclusive features:

  • Light Mixer, a user-friendly interface to manage the lights in your scene.
  • World Mixer, a user-friendly interface to manage your HDRI and World materials per-camera.
  • Emissive Mixer, a user-friendly interface to manage the emissive materials in your scene.
  • Optical Vignetting and Bokeh textures support for cameras.
  • A revamped UI, for a more streamlined workflow.
  • Lots of small quality-of-life improvements.

Includes previous version features:

  • Exposure using real camera settings (ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed) or more artist-friendly controls (EV value)
  • Physical Light units (Lumen, Candela, Lux) with Color temperature and Presets
  • Viewport Auto Exposure
  • Lens Shift and Automatic Shift to fix vertical perspective for Archviz renders
  • Dolly Zoom
  • Motion Blur control using Shutter Speed or Shutter Angle
  • White Balancing with viewport picker
  • Resolution per camera with artist-friendly presets
  • View Layers per camera
  • Autofocus (Single, Continuous or Tracking)
  • Focus Plane and Depth of Field limits
  • Camera list and Master Camera that can switch between cameras
  • Easy-to-use Camera Targets
  • Render Queue to render one or all cameras at once, incrementally saving your images as well as storing them in new render slots

You can also buy it bundled with the LightPack01 - Introduction.

For more information on how to use the add-on, please watch my Youtube channel.
Keep in mind that the add-on has been updated since and some new features might have changed or are not be visible in the older videos.

Documentation is available here (still WIP at the moment)

Please follow and report issues on BlenderArtists forum:

Cat's Eye bokeh using round Optical vignetting

Onion rings using a Bokeh texture and diagonal Optical vignetting

This product is not currently for sale.

Blender add-on which extends Camera and Light controls to render photorealistic scenes easily.

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Photographer 4 - Blender Add-on

198 ratings